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CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOURCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOURIn search of Red Grooves Mine we arrive to the a lonely house that sits near to the top end of the Coldberry Hush. This place is really isolated with very poor access and would be impossible to reach by road, walking or horse being the only way to get up to here. Considering the location the house is actually in fair condition, yes - all the floors are just about gone and the internal walls are fallen but up here it really must get the weather. Unusually the house is built of red brick with a stone facing, it would appear that the house was occupied up to at least 1963 as carvings that have been painted over are evident on some of the woodwork in one of the upstairs rooms. The house must have been built for someone that wanted a lot of 'modern' features as it has indoor water fed from a small nearby (now gone) reservoir, and large fireplaces in every room - quite how the fuel was gotten up here is a bit of a mystery. The mine was situated to the North East of the house but information as to the occupants seems to be low on the ground, for certain whom ever lived here must have lived a hard life in the winter as there is very little protection from the elements.

Latest update: More 360 degree places added!. Loads of movies recently added in the Weardale area including Groverake, Skears and Frazers Hush mines.

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Safety Notice: To enter a disused mine is extremely dangerous and my result in serious or fatal injury, recovery from an accident would place rescue persons involved in serious danger and in the event of a ground collapse, recovery may be impossible. You should not enter a disused mine or working without training under any circumstances. Respect private property and seek permission from the respective land owner where required, always act responsibly and always inform someone else of your whereabouts.

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