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CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOURCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOURWolfcleugh is an interesting place with a row of four houses, two of which are completely derelict and the other two in a bad state of repair. There are three standing out buildings - a privy, pig shed and a stone workshop as well as ground remains of the mine head gear structure and associated works.

The mine was founded around 1766 of which the first bings of lead ore were recorded as production from the adit, later closing for a period before being re-opened in the early 1800's where by only 325 tons were produced over a period of 28 years. The mine was re-opened again in in the early 1900's when the need for fluorspar arose where by a pumping shaft was sunk alongside a man raising shaft at the other end of the houses. (some confusion around the exact date as some records show the earlies spar was brought up for steel production in 1901 whilst other records show that the first spar was brought to the surface as late as 1914). The level was briefly re-opened as a lead mine during the early '50's but it had become uneconomic to continue the work. The shafts and adits were sealed of which were situated alongside the railway embankment and to both ends of the remaining block of houses.

Latest update: More 360 degree places added!. Loads of movies recently added in the Weardale area including Groverake, Skears and Frazers Hush mines.

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Safety Notice: To enter a disused mine is extremely dangerous and my result in serious or fatal injury, recovery from an accident would place rescue persons involved in serious danger and in the event of a ground collapse, recovery may be impossible. You should not enter a disused mine or working without training under any circumstances. Respect private property and seek permission from the respective land owner where required, always act responsibly and always inform someone else of your whereabouts.

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