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Hudeshope West (Parkin Hush Level) consisted of three adits, previously having being worked via open cut around 1787. Two of the adits are on the west side of the beck with the other on the east side almost directly opposite. The mine was worked by Chayters and later by the London Lead Company with pockets of good ore found but ultimately the mine had little success in producing a good return.
The mine was privately leased and reworked in a small operation by a group during the late 1970's. (The same time SAMUK was reworking the spoil heaps of Coldberry.) At the end of the operation the east and the upper west adits were sealed leaving only the adit near beck level open.
In this quick visit I take a walk to the end of the workings on ground level, there are small workings in some very narrow stopes above the level but in total the mine is not at all large.  I did hear some rumbling whilst in here today which hopefully the camera has caught, this may have been thunder from outside as there was no sign of any movement whilst I was inside.



Coldberry is made up of a mine shop (still standing), various out buildings, several shafts and four adit entrances.

In this (almost) full length movie we briefly explore all four of the adits to assess conditions before making our way deeper into the mine complex (to be uploaded to youtube in the next few weeks)

We start by exploring the collapsed horse level at the mine shop before moving up the valley to work our way to shaft bottom and explore the mouth of the shaft on the top of the hill side. From this we make our way to another collapsing passage and finally heading off to the reservoir where another entrance that is strangely very warm and almost steams because of the warmth of the air compared to that of outside.

This was the first mine that we explored some 20 years ago and it was a real treat to be able to explore the mine again and be able to look up the shaft that I've spent many a walk looking down.


When I first started exploring mines, Marlbeck was one of the first that I found to 'cut my teeth'. Unfortunately at the time (around 2001) the level was in a poor state and much of the tunnel wall had fallen in which was causing a considerable amount of water to back up into the passage beyond.

The mine has now been cleared and the water level has dropped sufficiently to allow further progress into the workings.

In this video we start somewhere beyond the first junction at a very scenic part of the mine with lots of white 'cave straws' hanging down from the roof, we make our way in further to the other side of the junction and find some interesting things to look at on the way. Unfortunately I have arrived without my wetsuit (expecting the water level to be lower) so walked the entire way in freezing water - but will return to make some decent progress and explore some of the interesting looking sub levels and upper flats.

Latest update: More 360 degree places added!. Smallcleugh mine - Album and Movie added to the database, Ayton Banks Mine Trip added and updated to the movies section.

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Safety Notice: To enter a disused mine is extremely dangerous and my result in serious or fatal injury, recovery from an accident would place rescue persons involved in serious danger and in the event of a ground collapse, recovery may be impossible. You should not enter a disused mine or working without training under any circumstances. Respect private property and seek permission from the respective land owner where required, always act responsibly and always inform someone else of your whereabouts.

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