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Code for automatic file backup:

You can use this code below to initiate an automatic file backup from one drive to another, this saves a lot of time manually copying and pasting folders from one drive to another. All modern versions of Windows incorporates several tools built into the operation system, the one we're going to use is ROBOCOPY - so this will already be installed on your PC as part of Windows. You will need to modify to code to suit your computer and file location as indicated below.


set /P c=Do you want to copy photo directory from INTERNAL(H:) to EXTERNAL(L:)? [Y/N]?
if /I "%c%" EQU "Y" goto :goahead
if /I "%c%" EQU "N" goto :cancel
goto :choice
ROBOCOPY "H:\Photos\Photographs" "L:\Auto_Backup\Photographs" /e /mir



To use: Open a new notepad document, paste this code into the notepad space, change the file locations as required (the bit after where is says ROBOCOPY - ensure that the speech marks remain and the space between the Source and Destination locations is still present, the /e and /mir will ensure that everything is copied exactly from the source to the destination including empty directories.

Save the notepad file onto your desktop but change its file name to something like "FILE COPY.BAT", the important part is the .BAT as this will tell the PC to use this as a program (or batch file).

Once done, double click the new icon that has been made on your desktop and voila, the files will copy automatically.

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