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The mine was started before 1791 and was owned by William Blackett. Known then by the name of Bollihope Shield Lead Mine, later to be re-named during the 1970's workings to Harnisha Burn Mine whereby the level was worked for fluorspar. The mine still contains a lot of small artefacts such as blast pipes, grease cans, leather straps and what is left of a wagon turn table as well as a very clear vein that runs the length of the roof and up into a small stope area.

I must put a warning on this mine as it is in a very dangerous state (dated 2018). I would certainly not recommend entering the horse level adit beyond the first collapse. We know that the mine will flood (almost to the roof) during wet season as the drain has only a small outlet, if the beck is in flood then the internal drainage (via sumps/natural under level channels) are likely flooding inwards to the mine. Also there has been several recent collapses with some areas now in a very dangerous state to the point that we feel a new heavy collapse is imminent, there is certainly movement in recent months. [second collapsed area, around arch 34]


Latest update: More 360 degree places added!. Loads of movies recently added in the Weardale area including Groverake, Skears and Frazers Hush mines.

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Safety Notice: To enter a disused mine is extremely dangerous and my result in serious or fatal injury, recovery from an accident would place rescue persons involved in serious danger and in the event of a ground collapse, recovery may be impossible. You should not enter a disused mine or working without training under any circumstances. Respect private property and seek permission from the respective land owner where required, always act responsibly and always inform someone else of your whereabouts.

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